FIFTH HARMONY – Honeymoon Avenue (cover)

This cover further proves 5H’s originality and creativity. With all their unique voices joined together, they killed this song.


Music Recommendations : CHVRCHES, HAIM, DAUGHTER + Laneway line-up!


Been long since i wanted to share about this trio from Scotland, CHVRCHES but i decided to wait till after their album release. Finally, on the 20th September they released their debut studio album, “The Bones of What You Believe”. Their music style is described as electronic or synthpop. Their album consists of 12 songs but my favourites would have to be, “Gun” , “Recover” and “The mother we share”. I certainly love the lady’s soft, cute (in my opinion), simple voice. Their songs really do make me groove a little so yes, DO LISTEN TO THEM!!

More info: CHVRCH.ES



These ladies form a band of indie rock/pop sisters, HAIM. These sisters are from Los Angeles and have been active since 2012.Their first studio album is set to release on September 27th (SOON).  However i’ve already fallen in love with their brilliant singles “Falling” and “The wire”. They dont sing like any typical singer. They have their own unique way of singing, their own unique style and not forgetting, beautiful hair ( *.*) . Maybe their music style don’t cater to all but i still think they deserve your listen!



“The Wire”


Originally a solo but then became a trio, this indie pop band originates from London. They have been in the industry since 2010. After releasing 3 EPs, in March this year, they released their debut album. I certainly feel that their song “Youth” is quite popular among many. Their songs are perfect for those lonely, rainy days. Close my eyes and feel the music is what i normally do when listening to them. My favourite would definitely be “Touch”.  If you ever feel lonely, let Daughter keep you accompanied.


Whats is even more amazing and super exciting would be coming down to Singapore next year to perform at the annual Laneway Festival! (applause) And from the comments i read, they seem to be some of the favourite picks by most fans!

Here are the line-up that have been announced:

There are more to be announced so look out for news! I myself am very interested to go for next year’s laneway after seeing CHVRCHES, DAUGHTER AND HAIM in the line-up but am eagerly waiting for the full line-up to be released. See your fave bands in that poster? SAVE UP!

Note: pictures taken from google. Laneway line-up photo taken from lanewaysg website.

What I Do For Fun (flea + cafe)

Oh yes, finally blogging again. This calls for another peek into Khoiriyah’s life. FUN.

What do I enjoy doing? Definitely shopping at flea markets and cafe hopping! Read on as i show you what I did on the 21st of September!

First stop:

Public Garden

Flea hosted by Public Garden which was conducted over the weekend!

Thanks to my cousin who started bringing me to their fleas, i certainly do love them! In the fleas conducted by them, you will see not only booths set up by normal online retail stores but also bakeries and etc. Not only would you get to shop for clothes, you will also get to have a bite on the yummy cupcakes, cakes and even pies! The different online stores that participate in this flea are definitely worth shopping from as they sell very unique items. However so, the whole reason why i decided to attend this flea was to support my cousin who owns helloplusminus/thegeneralstore!



These were some of the items they sold at the flea. They are currently taking in pre-orders for JUJUs. They carry brands such as May 28th, RUMBATIME, HYPE, RIPNDIP and etc. You can find them on instagram: @helloplusminus or visit their online store: thegeneralstore



Some yummy baked goods you can find at every public garden flea!!

Do follow publicgarden on instagram or like them on fb for more info on their upcoming flea markets 🙂

Next stop: SYMMETRY @ Jalan Kubor

(yes there is actually a graveyard hence the name)




(couldnt snap good pics as it was dark and we didnt dare to use flash)

Waffles - $16

Waffles – $16


(Definitely looks way better in real life. )

Waffles topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, lil marshmallows, raspberry, nuttella and peanut butter! Of course, $16 is honestly very pricey (i recommend you to share to save your poor money). However, the waffles were perfect. Everything was perfect. For one who doesnt like berries, their raspberry tasted so much like the jam i normally eat and love so yes LOVE IT. The price tho is the main issue.

Do note that this cafe is definitely not Halal. It’s a restaurant/bar/cafe. (bring lotsa cash when you come)

Last Stop: (working title.) @ Arab St



Sadly I didnt get to snap more pictures. I actually ordered a glass of Iced Cafe Mocha, $6.50 .

They sell pies and cakes that are displayed at the entrance. Above is a lil sneek peak of their menu. I’ll be visitting this cafe again in a few days so I shall try my best to snap more pictures! It’s definitely a very chill place so you should come and visit as if i am not wrong they are quite new 🙂

Do note that this cafe sells alcoholic drinks so of course, it isnt halal certified either.

Soooo that was all i did and I will definitely visit more cafes! (i just need more cash hehe)

Any Cafes to recommend? drop a comment below!



Shirt – Hype from thegeneralstore (you can find them @TOPMAN/alcoholiday at orchard Cine)

Pants – highwaisted from ASOS (look under the SALE section)


Bag – Pull&Bear

Note: Photo of the flea retrieved from public garden’s fb page! Support helloplusminus pls 🙂

Music Recommendation: LONDON GRAMMAR

London Grammar

Loving the UK? Well this is a fresh new trio from Nottingham, England. This indie pop band is formed by Hannah Reid, Dot Major and Dan Rothman. They released their EP “Metal&Dust” in February this year. Recently, their first studio album was released with a total of 11 songs including “Hey Now” , “Strong” and “Wasting my young years” – 3 songs i recommend. As they’re still new i’m sure they’ll need as much support as they can get! Take a listen and maybe you’ll fall in love with them too! 🙂 MORE INFO:


Note: picture cr – tumblr. info from wiki

Music Recommendation: Coldplay, Eliza Doolittle


Atlas” -Coldplay

Love Coldplay? Love The Hunger Games? THIS IS A SONG FOR YOU!

Waste of Time” -Eliza Doolittle

I bring to you ELIZA DOOLITLE! Her voice is truly amazing, real talent right here. Cheers to my brother for introducing to me this song.

Real name: Eliza Sophie Caird

Age: 25 (born Apr 15, 1988), UK

Albums: Skinny Genes, Eliza Doolittle

More info:

Her newest video below!

Let It Rain

some of you may find her familiar from the songs below! :

Pack up” from 3 years ago! I’m sure many must have heard of this!

Big When I Was Little

Dont wait too long! Check out her other songs like “Skinny genes” and “Rollerblades” NOW

Note: Info obtained from Wiki

Cafe Hopping!


What we love most? CAFE HOPPING! discovering all the wonderful cafes all around Singapore.

First stop: Windowsill Pies @Jalan Besar 


It’s situated by the stadium. Nearest MRT station would be Lavender, just walk straight by Horne Rd, and once you spot Jalan Besar Stadium, the cafe is just across the street! 



How the cafe looks like from the outside



The interior design


Banana Slice $7

Banana Slice $7

There was a right amount of cream, really mouth-watering. The plus point of this pie would be the little caramel coated almonds in them. It adds more flavour and really worth the $7. Definitely a 5/5! Love bananas? This is a pie for you!

Camp Symmetry Pie

Camp Symmetry Pie, $8

I honestly forgot what the staff said what was in this pie. However i do remember there are raisins, so if you dont like raisins this is not a pie for you. They decorated the pie with a chocolate coated almond which looks like a mushroom and also sugar coated branches. The taste is really very different, not something you would have tasted before. There is also a taste of cinnamon. However i’d only rate this a 3/5 because the taste is really………….weird but acceptable.


Iced Chai Tea Latte, $6


My first try on Iced Chai Tea Latte. Man was the taste of spices really strong! However, after pouring in the sweetener or wtv it was, it tasted even better! A little pricey, $6 but at least they served it in a tall glass!



Super cute doodling box!

A perfect place to study/chill alone or with your friends! The staff are also very friendly!!

Interesting fact: Windowsill happens to be selling their pies at the upcoming indie music festival,

Camp Symmetry! (happening 2nd November @Gardens by the bay! Hurry purchase your earlybird tix for only S$125, closing this Sunday. Bands performing: San cisco, Best Coast, Last Dinasours, Ra Ra Riot, The Cribs and others! more info:


Second Stop: Flock Cafe @Tiong bahru


I managed to get to this cafe with the help of an Iphone’s map! It is actually very easy to get here, nearest Mrt station is of course, Tiong Bahru. There are many more cafes along the street which i didnt get to try. 




A lil inside look of the cafe

Mushroom Quiche, $6.50

Mushroom Quiche, $6.50

The only thing i could try since the cafe was closing when i got there.

This tasted AMAZING. Right amount of custard, right amount of cheese. I would certainly come back for more!

The cafe also sells cakes, breakfast meals, coffee and everything else so pay it a visit!


Unfortunately those were the only cafes we managed to go to. Along the way we discovered many more cafes we could visit next time.

Ended our day at Tutti Frutti:

Plain Flavour, $7.30

Plain Flavour, $7.30

Yes, it is very pricey as they charge you by the weight. Thus, it is perfect to share with someone since it’s self-service which means you can have as much as you want!

(always sit by the counter to witness how much each customer’s yogurts cost! really fun trust me)

While at arab street, i discovered NEW cafes, shall pay them a visit soon!




CapThe General Store / helloplusminus on ig, bought it for $30 original price was about $40

ShirtModparade , about $26 (above $20 for sure)

Denim Vest – F21, $39

Stretchable Jeans – Uniqlo, $19(on sale)

Shoes – Steve Madden, $70

Bag – Steve Madden, $100

SO this is the end, any cafes to recommend? Please do so by leaving a comment! 

Note: The cafes i visitted are not Halal certified. Try the desserts only 🙂 Pictures taken with Sony Xperia Z

Music Recommendation : THE 1975

The 1975

The 1975

Hello readers! Today’s music recommendation is indeed The 1975. Members: Matthew Healy, Adam Hann, George Daniel, and Ross MacDonald.

These boys are all the way from Wilmslow in Cheshire and plays alternative indie/rock songs. I came upon this band from Youtube (just like how i discover any other bands i listen to, all hail youtube’s sidebar!). I took a listen to their Facedown EP which was released in August last year, and boy was it amazing. The song i love most from this EP has certainly got to be “Woman”. Since there is’nt many instruments used in this single, we’re able to really appreciate the vocals. Plus this song brings so much feels and i get goosebumps while listening to it. Certainly a good song on those lonely days.

They then released more EPs (Sex, Music for cars, IV) which consists of 4 or 5 singles individually.  On 5 September 2013, they have finally released their first album, “The 1975”. Many fans have agreed that their song “Chocolate” made them popular as that is the song that made many fall in love with them. Well, it certainly does not apply to me as “Woman” made me fall in love with the band (bummed it isnt in their album tho). However so, i promise you their band will not disappoint! The best songs i’d have to choose from their album are, “The City” “Chocolate” “Robbers” “Talk” and “She way out”. But of course, you might prefer other songs.

Below is a video of their full album. Wait no more, Check them out now!

1. The 1975 00:00
2. The City 01:20
3. M.O.N.E.Y 05:04
4. Chocolate 08:41
5. Sex 12:25
6. Talk! 15:53
7. An Encounter 18:41
8. Heart Out 19:56
9. Settle Down 23:18
10. Robbers 27:18
11. Girls 31:33
12. 12 35:48
13. She Way Out 37:08
14. Menswear 41:07
15. Pressure 44:34
16. Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You 48:15

Note: photo cr – check out their official site for more info on their album, tours etc 🙂


Atomic Moon

AHOY READERS! Yes, i do free advertising here on seventeentharmy. That is only if i love your webstore! As seen from the self-designed logo above, today’s pick is, ATOMIC MOON. Why “ATOMIC MOON” ? The owner is inspired from one of Angels&Airways songs titled “Moon Atomic”. This webstore was recently formed in September 2013. What many should know is that it’s a one man show behind ATOMIC MOON. They sell band tees, accessories and beanies which falls in a very affordable price range. Don’t fret! Their band tees comes in unisex sizes with designs of bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Radiohead, The XX, The Killers and many more!

Arctic Monkeys – $20

The Killers (coming to SG in sep!!) – $20

The XX – $19

Drop Earrings – $8.90/pair

Clip earring (one side only) – $8.90

Red Beanie – $12

Sadly, ATOMIC MOON does not ship internationally as they are still very new. Do take note that all items are on pre-order, so you will have to be very patient! Head on to and order now! 🙂

Note: All prices are in SINGAPORE DOLLARS. E-mail for any enquiries. Pictures are all taken from .

Current listen (Icona Pop)

current listen: icona pop – girlfriend

HI READERS! Here is duo i am mad in love with now, ICONA POP. As you can see from my header image and background wallpaper, i am quite in love with them right now. The first song i heard of them is “I Love It” (collabarated with CHARLI CXC) – a good song to party in your room alone to. Although i am not much of a DJ/club songs kinda fan, ICONA POP delivers something different! This duo who grew up in Stockholm has been active since 2010! Their songs are of electro house, punk and indie pop music influences. I believe their songs are a bit more toned down as compared to other house songs. To add, their songs are pretty catchy and really keeps you pumped! The song i shared above is my current addiction, been singing it everyday now. I have yet to finish listening to all their songs but i am sure the ones they promote like “i love it” and “girlfriend” is good enough to win your hearts!

Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt

As read on, ICONA POP see themselves more of electro-pop. I have come across various articles and comments made by people that those two are indeed dating (forgive me if i am wrong). However, i do not let the artist’s sexual preferences affect my like for their music. I am really excited to see their future projects and collaborations and i hope you are too! Let’s pray they would pay Singapore a visit one day and of course i would attend their concert! If i have any information on this i would share it here not to worry. However, if you have any exciting news about them kindly share it with me! Enough typing, if you are new to ICONA POP i hope you would find their music nice to listen to, at least to me, it lightens my mood. This marks my first post on Music and there’ll be more coming every week so do continue paying seventeentharmy a visit 🙂

Note: pic – info -wiki,

official website:

Gang Raya

vogue shot (fail)

vogue shot (fail)

bestie since 2007

bestie since 2007

Busstop shot

Busstop shot

Mmm boys

Mmm boys

Where was i?

Where was i?

My Dikir Barat girls

My Dikir Barat girls

Totally Spies

Totally Spies

Me and my Girls

Me and my Girls


Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

Welcome to Khoiriyah’s personal life. Those guys above? The most fun-loving, best bunch of kids i did not regret meeting. This is what i call, Malays. (Altho i’m Javanese according to my IC but oh wellz). On Saturday, 31 August 2013, i spent my time (whole entire day) visiting with them. We’re all ex-students of Hai Sing Catholic School (2009-2012). Now that we’ve all graduated and are all in different schools, it gets very difficult to meet up especially since there’s so many of us (there are more) . However so, jalan raya is very important to all of us thus all of us willingly sacrificed a day off our study week.

Those are some of the 289 photos we snapped (credits to the girl in hijab). Yes, we are indeed a crazy bunch who loves the camera. Besides the fact that we had to travel from Tampines all the way to Woodlands and waste app 5hours of travelling time to and fro, it did not stop us from continuing on! Of course, the girls are much more tired with our heavy clothes and high heels (wedges/pumps for mos of them). I, however, had no problem walking long distances in my heels (all hail me). Not to forget, raya is when i really get to see my girls put on make up and look extra pretty. The boys, of course, look handsome as always. Our day was spent well, not everyday will you waste your concession on bus rides and cash on taxi rides. Being able to reconnect with everyone and the fact that our bond is still strong really pleases me.

What i would like to share is that, we should all make time for our friends every now and then. Of course, ALWAYS put your family first! Studies are important and can get very stressful (especially in Singapore), but it does not necessarily mean we forget about our lives. Enjoy every free time you get and do what makes you happy (stay legal). Our true friends are whom i believe will stay by your side through thick and thin. I have found mine, what about you?

Note: camera used is Canon 450D. Jalan raya = visitting.